Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialists

Most people have heard of cosmetic surgery, but facial aesthetics are another aspect that few people are aware of. Aesthetic surgery has evolved into a very different field than it was in years past. While a liposuction procedure may be top of the mind when thinking about a face lift, face lifts using injected fat or collagen are no longer the most popular solution. Facial aesters are plastic surgeons that perform facial procedures. What exactly does an aesthetic doctor do?

Facial aesthetics is the study of how skin looks and why it looks the way it does. The doctor performs aesthetic procedures in order to improve the patient’s appearance. In the past, the face could be deformed due to many factors, such as aging, smoking, weight gain, heredity, or even just a simple habit of frowning. Aesthetic techniques now offer more solutions for repairing the appearance of the face than simply resorting to a face lift. It used to be that a facelift was the only answer for fixing droopy eyelids or a crooked nose. Learn more information about sahil patel.

Today, the options that an aesthetic doctor performs include dermal fillers, injectable fillers, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing. All of these treatments have become very refined over the last decade. The first aesthetic doctor performed back in the 60s was the technique known as “cavatization”.

Cavatization involved the use of a surgical fluid which was placed under the skin. When this fluid was massaged slowly into the skin, it made the surface of the skin smoother. The procedure was only effective for patients with relatively smooth skins; otherwise it was painful, messy, and left scarring behind. The latest versions of the procedure make use of an injectable filler, instead of fluid. This allows the skin to heal much faster since the filler is already inside the skin. It also allows the surgeon to work on different parts of the face at once, without concern over making larger incisions.

Botox is another type of aesthetic doctor performs. This is a treatment that lasts only a few minutes but still provides dramatic results. Botox essentially paralyzes the muscles that surround the eye, but allows them to remain active when the person smiles. It does not affect the muscles that form the eyes, cheeks, or forehead; however, it does affect those muscles that surround the muscles of the face. In some cases, the Botox can actually be injected into a muscle and cause the muscle to spasm.

Another procedure offered by an aesthetic doctor is the laser resurfacing. This procedure is performed on patients’ faces, but it doesn’t require any contact with the face. Instead, the practitioner uses lasers to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The procedure involves targeting light particles underneath the skin. These light particles are believed to be responsible for causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The laser resurfacing is often used in conjunction with dermabrasion and other aesthetic procedures.