The Rose And Glass Dome

The Rose and Glass Dome are an art piece that has recently won a national award for its design. The design was created by Dan Gibson using rose and glass spheres. The sphere was made from a thick piece of glass, covered in a layer of rose petals and rose oil. Then a layer of pure glass was applied to make it opaque. Finally, a layer of rose buds and cut crystallized rose rice was used on top. This was done so that the rose and glass dome would have a luminous quality and are seen as it was when it was new.

The base to this particular art piece is the core heart of the creation. The rose and glass sphere was already existing products which were bought and thus were not modified too much. The cut crystal rose fiber optics added a great deal to the final result, but when someone looks at it from any angle, the base remains what stands out most.

The main characteristic of the Rose and Glass Dome that one notices right away is how incredibly beautiful it is. When you hold it up to your chin, the light emanating from the rose and glass is very noticeable and quite stunning. This rose and glass art piece is truly one of a kind, as its combination of colors and beauty are nowhere else on the planet. When placed in a room, it adds a sparkle to the atmosphere. Its translucent quality also adds a wondrous aura to the surrounding area.

As with many other things, the Rose and Glass Dome are not without flaws. One major drawback to this art piece is that due to its thickness, the light that comes through it can sometimes be obstructed. It will appear as if the rose and glass are solid only because it has so many facets. Despite being such a beautiful art piece, it is quite fragile at times. If care is not taken during handling and storage, then this could be easily damaged.

However, there are those who love this unique art piece, and would go as far as to say that it is simply marvelous. There are those who love the way the light reflects off the rose and glass, and there are also those who love the way it blends into the background during its appearance. Those who see this work often comment that it gives them a feeling of being part of nature. In essence, it brings about an aura similar to that of a flower rising up to the light. To appreciate this art piece is to truly experience nature at its finest. To appreciate the beauty of nature is to truly have a passion for it. Visit to understand what chances you have.

In conclusion, there is no question that anyone who sees this piece will be awed by its beauty and power. It speaks of something more precious than most people realize. This work of art should be appreciated and looked upon with awe, rather than feared. Indeed, when looked upon with this level of awe, it can truly be classified as a work of art and should be appreciated that way.