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Korean Drama, Top Korean Cinema TV Series to Watch

Meanwhile 20-something Lee Ji-an (K-pop star IU) is in a mountain of debt and will do just about anything to get the loan sharks off her back. After she catches Dong-hun accepting a bribe, she decides to steal gift certificates he received in an attempt to pay off her loans. Heart-wrenching and hopeful, the show tells the story of two people developing a sweet kinship while trying to dig themselves out of trouble.

And the Viki app also provides you with Korean show teasers and trailers of upcoming Korean dramas and all other shows. It is used by more than 10 million users, you can download this app on the play store and the app store. People are loving the romantic drama genre, some of them have even started to learn Korean for that matter. So in this article let us find out, through which apps can we watch Korean 누누티비 시즌2 dramas for free.

The show takes us back to the 1980s and focuses mainly on Sung Deok-sun (Lee Hye-ri) as she tries to figure out her dreams and goals while entangling with her male best friends. The mystery of whom Deok-sun ultimately marries is one key form of suspension. However, the show’s focus on economic issues, family bonds, friendships, identity crisis, and the toll of academic pressure makes it quite relatable and timeless. With inspiration from mafias and the crime world, the show is not your ordinary K-drama due to its Italian influence. The key difference between the infamous The Godfather trilogy and Vincenzo is that the latter focuses on the consigliere, in turn, reminding you of The Godfather’s Tom Hagen .

Diverting the attention to anyone who is pursuing or is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, we recommend The Doctors. Yes, the story does include its romantic element, but it is still able to grab the attention of anyone who is looking for motivation. By focusing on the two protagonists, Yoo Hye-jung (Park Shin-hye) and Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won), the show portrays how each faces different challenges in succeeding as a doctor.

Welcome to the Drama Hangout for Netflix’s latest series Celebrity, where Park Kyu-young plays a social media influencer of overnight success… The series’ emphasis on the corrupt nature of the rich and their limitless greed can be linked to the South Korean class disparity. Moreover, the pressure on children is not a new theme, as it is a prevalent issue in Asian society. The Glory is definitely not for the weak-hearted, as the scenes of bullying can be quite grotesque.

Born in Joseon as the child of slaves, Marine Corps officer Eugene Choi (Squid Game’s Lee Byung-hun) returns to his native country, years after smuggling his way to the U.S. There he meets Ae-shin (The Handmaiden and Twenty Five, Twenty One’s Kim Tae-ri), a noblewoman who’s part of efforts to secure the country’s independence against the threat of colonization. The two fall in love, despite their class differences and Ae-shin’s impending marriage, against the backdrop of a changing nation.


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