How Can You Predict the Future?

Anyone can predict the future; well almost anyone can. In fact you already do it all of the time, perhaps, not always in the right way. You look out, it s sunny, and somehow you take out your umbrella before you even think about the rest of the world. Or, even more complex, perhaps you read consumer spending has been flat, you anxiously look at those other companies for some time, then you finally stop looking at them for some time, and start looking elsewhere. I’m talking about predicting the future based on trends in economic indicators.

Now, predicting the future events like how unemployment will affect consumer confidence, or what will be the impact on corporate profits are definitely possible, especially given the current state of the economy, but forecasting the future is a complex matter, because you have to take into account the knowledge that most people have about current events, then factor in individual decisions made by each person, then add it all up. It sure can be interesting, but it also can get really confusing. Still, that is what makes the business world tick. Businesses exist to make money, that’s what they are there for. Click here for more information about love tarot reading.

Some may argue that predicting the future is actually a little bit childish, and somewhat obsolete. After all, people have been doing it for centuries, they have their reasons. And they do have a point. Let’s go back to how predicting the weather is done, shall we?

First, there is forecasting the weather, which has a lot of historical basis to it. Starting with the first recorded account of predicting the weather, over 5000 years ago. Some folks do this for fun, other people do it for profit. And in between those two ends there are lots of different theories that have their own merits and demerits. For instance, you have to claim that your favorite basketball team will win the championships this year, or that Google’s search engine ranking will skyrocket in the next few weeks, or that whoever invented chocolate will come out with a new health-related product that will cure diabetes.

Second, there are predictions about current events. Some folks claim that the Chinese government will suddenly announce that they are releasing a large batch of toxic-free coal, because there was too much of it running around. Some folks predict that the Internal Revenue Service will announce a tax rebate next Tuesday, due to the fact that many people believe the tax system is unfair and getting out of hand. Those are all great predictions, based on current events.

Now, how do you predict the future? It is a combination of both. You have to understand how the human mind works to project possible events into the future, then you have to use the scientific methods of forecasting with the observations of past events. And finally, I’d like to tell you one thing: although predicting the future may be entertaining, do not spend your life doing it! The key to predicting correctly is to spend your life doing what you love, instead of trying to predict the future!