How Long Does a Turtle Life?

Turtles are the species that is unique among reptiles in the sense that they have no vocal cords and they can live up to a hundred years or so, which makes their life expectancy one of the longest recorded for any animal. However, they have a very short life expectancy even among their own kind because their lifespan is dependent upon many factors such as diet, the temperature of the environment where they live, the accessibility of food and water, the health and fitness of the owner and his family, and how well the owner interacts with the turtle during its lifetime. For these reasons, some people choose to have their turtles kept longer in captivity in order to keep track of their life expectancy.

There are three basic factors involved when determining life expectancy of a turtle. The first factor is the shell itself, which can determine how long a turtle will live. Because adult tortoises and other turtle species are prone to breaking their shells, it is important to purchase a sturdy and durable shell that will not break easily get damaged. As a general rule, a ten-inch-deep garden turtle should have a hard shell that will not break more than twice. The size and shape of the turtle’s shell can vary greatly based on the species of turtle and its natural environment.

Another factor is the temperature of the environment where the turtle is kept. Land turtles, like all turtles, must spend a lot of their time outdoors to stay warm. Therefore, a captive turtle that spends most of its time in a controlled indoor habitat will usually remain healthy and active for many years. However, an outdoor-only turtle might become ill or develop a disease or abnormality because it is not exposed to enough sunlight or exposure to enough water to maintain its health. A captive turtle that spends too much time in captivity also might suffer from stress because of being in a cramped quarters.

The last factor involves gender. While all turtles are born with shells, they do not live longer than one year. After one year, they must begin to carve a shell or grow a new one, called molting, to replace the old shell. Male turtles may live up to twenty years old, while females may live as long as twenty-five years old. Click here for more information Best Pet Turtle

How long turtle life also depends on what type of turtle you purchase. Box turtles typically live between twelve and fifteen years, while the Eastern Box Turtle and therobe turtles both live longer; the former reaching up to twenty years old and the latter up to thirty years old. Of course, tortoises cannot be bought, but you can always build a turtle habitat for them that will ensure they live for a very long time.

If you are looking for a pet, it is important to remember the factors that affect a turtle’s life expectancy. When purchasing a turtle or tortoise, make sure that you research the species that you plan to buy to get an idea of how they generally live. You should also have a vet check them out to ensure that they are healthy, before making any purchases. Many people who want to have tortoises as pets fail to realize the importance of this step, and end up having a sickly pet. With this information, you can ensure a long and happy life for your tortoises and will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.