Top Tips to Buy Diamond Jewellery

Tips to buy Diamond 黃鑽石 Jewelry is very important because you are going to invest your hard earned money in buying Diamond rings and other ornaments. The first and foremost thing that you need to check is the clarity of the Diamond. Clarity means that there is no blemish on the Diamond stone. You should buy Diamond Jewelry that has clarity more than 100. If the clarity is less than that then the stone is not worth buying.

One more important point is that the Cut of the Diamond also plays a vital role in deciding its clarity and its price. One type of Diamond is called cushion cut and another one is called princess cut. Each of these diamond is classified into 4C’s. They are Carat, Clarity, Cut and Colour. If the Diamond is of better quality then all these’s will be equal and the result will be the highest diamond value for the piece of jewelry.

The next important tip is selecting the shape of the Diamond. People usually prefer square and rectangular Diamond rings and this is the perfect shape for this kind of jewellery. But if you really want to have unique pieces of jewelry then you can design your own side stones and pave them with diamonds. This will give you a beautiful look for your ring. You can use any setting like channel setting, bezel setting or flush setting.

The price of the piece depends on the material and on the polish that is used to decorate the Diamond stone. If the stone is coloured the cost of the piece will be higher. You can reduce the cost by using white Gold or platinum for your diamond ring. Other precious metals like titanium are also good options for your ring. The shape of the Diamond also determines the price.

The clarity of the diamond stone also determines its price. Diamonds with less or better clarity will cost more than diamonds with better clarity. The other thing that affects the price of your jewellery is the cut and the shape of the diamond. You can have an elaborate design on your diamond ring and the stone will be affordable because only a small part of the stone will be visible. However, the more complex the design of the diamond is the more will be the cost of the Diamond jewellery. You should also know that sometimes the cut of a Diamond can be improved so that it looks more elegant and more attractive.

Always remember that a small diamond can be used for make up if you want to save some money. Always remember that the better quality diamond will always cost more than a cheap one. Always remember that you should always buy the best quality of diamond for your ring because a poor quality diamond can be damaged in a very short time. So before buying your favourite diamond jewellery always go through all the tips to buy Diamond jewellery.