What is Genesis Rejuvenative Medicine?

Genesis Regenerative Medicine & Anti-Aging were developed by Dr. Rashid Buttar. Dr. Buttar is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of regenerative medicine, cellular biology and nutritional science. He is the Senior Director of the Cellular Therapeutic Research Institute and holds a PhD in cellular biology. Dr. Buttar’s professional pursuits have spanned many years and have included positions with the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Army, the Scripps Howard Foundation and The Wellcome Fund. Dr. Buttar’s discoveries in the fields of aging and cell biology have been primarily responsible for the anti-aging therapies that are derived from his many years of research and study.

The mission of Genesis Regenerative Medicine is to promote healthy and youthful lives through the application of scientific discoveries in the areas of anti aging, regenerative medicine and cellular biology. In essence, we work to help people “grow their way to a longer and healthier life”. We offer a comprehensive anti-aging program to compliment the safe and effective methods we believe are necessary to extend healthy human growth and improve vitality and longevity. Through our program, we believe that you can live a more productive, disease-free life by improving your overall health and the quality of your life. We believe that the primary goal of anti-aging and regenerative medicine is to assist you in becoming your “best self”. This involves improving the function of every area of your body and mind so that you can live a more active, disease-free life.

What are the components of Genesis Therapies? We believe that there are five key components included in anti-aging programs that should be included in any anti-aging program. These are:

  • Nutrition – This includes the proper diet that will support your body’s natural capacity to grow and repair itself. Your body is designed to maintain its own health and is capable of repairing damage done to it. However, your body can over time become overtaxed and damaged due to the normal wear and tear that occurs as we age. When this happens, the repair component of your body is less efficient and begins to neglect the other components. This results in a slower regeneration of cells and tissues, which is the precursor to aging and eventually disease.
  • Rest and relaxation – Stress is one of the leading causes of a weakened immune system. It can also contribute to the body’s inability to properly absorb nutrition. By relaxing the body and promoting the flow of nutrients in, the immune system is better able to fight disease. This component helps to promote the overall health and well being of the individual.
  • Exercise – As you age, the muscles become weaker. This weakens your ability to move around and engage in physical activity. The increased mobility that exercise brings also reduces strain on joints and decreases muscle tension. As these decreased muscular tensions lead to decreased circulation and increased free radicals, the aging process speeds up.